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Eurovision party voting app

An application for a Eurovision party to allow the room to vote for the favourite songs. Votes are saved in the browser so players can come back at any time to amend their scores.

Find out more in my blogpost about this app.

Upworthy Headline Generator

I get links from Upworthy shared on my Facebook timeline all the time and thought we could just cut out the whole "making content" process with an automatic headline generator.

It's fairly naïve but it should save us all plenty of time!


I made a spoof dating site where everyone would get directed to me as a match. I can't remember exactly where the idea of this came from, but I'd imagine it originated with a pun of "eHarmony". I haven't had any matches yet; at all. But the lines are still open!

Maths Society Ball page

A static page for the 2013 Ball for Edinburgh University Mathematics Society. The page changed over time, first explaining what was going on, then how to get tickets, then the seating plan on the night.

Fun fact: I also rewrote the society's constitution that year.


Wa-Tor is a very simple population simulation between fish and sharks. The fish move around at random, breeding as much as they can. Meanwhile, sharks wonder around trying to eat the fish to stay alive. This simulation just models a small toroid world with a load of fish and sharks in it, starting at random positions.

Mainly this was just a little experimentation with canvas, hopefully I'll take it further in the future.

La habitación de Fermat

For a MathSoc event, we showed La habitación de Fermat (Fermat's Room), a Spanish film revolving aronud a series of puzzles and enigmas. We paused at each puzzle, gave the audience some time to try and solve them, and then either continued with the film or first offered our own explanation. I created a quick page to give the setup and solution to a particular problem.

Pressing '1' gives a hint to the solution, and '2' implements it.